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What you can expect from CloseKnit


Preventive Care

Care isn’t just for when you get sick. We’re passionate about helping you get healthy and stay healthy with annual wellness visits, disease prevention, and lifestyle advice.


Urgent Care

When you’re sick, you should never have to wait a week to see a doctor. With access to 24/7 care and same- or next-day virtual visits, we’ll help members get on their way to feeling better, faster.


Mental Health

Mental health is a crucial part of overall wellness. Whether a member feeling off or experiencing depression, anxiety, or something else, our Care Team is there to listen and help.


Chronic Conditions

We understand the complexities of managing ongoing or chronic conditions. We provide treatment plans personalized to members' needs and the best solutions to keep them a step ahead.


Care Coordination

Whether generally healthy or dealing with unexpected challenges, we’ll connect members to the most appropriate support they need – how and when they need it.


Get to know us

We’ve collected answers to some commonly asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can read more FAQs here or contact us.

What does CloseKnit offer?

Our primary care services include:

  • Well care
  • Preventive and urgent care
  • Behavioral health and mental health support (therapy, medication)
  • Lifestyle support
  • Chronic condition prevention and management
  • Medication management
  • Care coordination (ongoing assistance with various care activities like arranging appointments with specialists, refilling prescriptions and more)
  • Education and enrollment support
  • Appointment scheduling, insurance navigation and billing issues

Is there a cost associated with registering?

No. Registration is free.

Will I be able to get prescriptions written/refilled at my preferred pharmacy?

Yes. We can help you order, refill, transition to mail order, find coupons and more.

How will my vitals be taken?

Based on your preference, we can:

  • Send medical exam devices to your home,
  • Send a clinician to your home, or
  • Guide you to an in-person or pop-up location.

What if I need lab work?

Based on your preference, we can:

  • Arrange for you to have lab work done at a facility,
  • Send a clinician to your home, or
  • Send a fingerstick kit to your home.

Why choose CloseKnit over other telehealth providers?

Most telehealth/telemedicine visits are urgent-needs focused, addressing issues that are typically “one and done.” CloseKnit, however, builds a long-term relationship between you and your care team. Your team will provide a breadth of care services, including integrated mental health support, insurance navigation and more. You can call us for anything related to your health care, and we’ll be there to help you.

How do I pay for CloseKnit services?

You’ll use your traditional health coverage to pay for services, just like you do at other medical providers.

CloseKnit is care the way it should be

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