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What is CloseKnit virtual pediatric urgent care?

We offer urgent care services for patients ages 2-17 years of age, who are covered dependents under their parents or guardians CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield medical benefit plan. 

What types of pediatric conditions can be treated through urgent care?

Virtual pediatric urgent care can address a wide range of non-emergency conditions, including minor illnesses such as cold and flu symptoms, rashes, earaches, sore throat, minor injuries, and allergies.
However, severe, or life-threatening conditions may require in-person care or immediate attention at an emergency department.

What should I have ready for my or my dependent’s urgent care visit?

You will need a stable internet connection, a government issued state ID such as a driver’s license, and a comfortable and quiet place to complete your video visit with your provider. If you are joining the visit as a parent or legal guardian, please make sure to also have your child’s photo ID. 


How can I access CloseKnit Pediatric Urgent Care services?

You can access CloseKnit Urgent Care services through the CloseKnit app or at  

Can I choose which care provider I want to see?

To ensure you are seen by a provider quickly, you will be routed to the first available provider.  

How do the healthcare providers diagnose conditions virtually?

The Provider conducting the urgent care appointments relies on a combination of medical history, symptoms described by the patient and/or parent or guardian, and visual cues from the video call. They may ask questions, examine specific areas if possible, and provide recommendations for treatment based on the information gathered. 

Can prescriptions be provided through CloseKnit Pediatric Urgent Care?

In most cases, the Provider can prescribe medications if necessary. They will electronically send the prescription to the pharmacy you selected during registration.  

What should I do if the condition requires in-person care?

If the Provider determines that the condition requires in-person care or further evaluation, they will provide guidance on the appropriate next steps. This may involve visiting an urgent care facility, primary care physician, or emergency department, depending on the severity and urgency of the situation. 

What are the typical hours of operation for CloseKnit Urgent Care?

Patients can see a provider 24/7.

What is the cost for an urgent care visit?

The cost of an urgent care visit varies based on your medical benefits plan

We will bill your insurance company for your visit and if you have any cost sharing, such as a co-pay, we will charge your credit card or health savings account. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card, including HSA cards if applicable. Depending on your visit type, you may be charged at the time of your visit or after your visit.

If needed, how can I get a school or work excuse note for my dependent?

Your Provider can create a work or school excuse note, which can be sent with the post-visit summary. Just make sure to ask your Provider for a work or school excuse note during the visit.  

Can I use the virtual urgent care service if I am outside the United States?

Only individuals located in the 50 states and Washington, D.C. can use the CloseKnit Virtual Urgent Care service It is not available to individuals outside of the United States.  

What if I have questions after my visit? 

Please reach out to and we will make sure to provide you with the answers you need. 

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